Once Upon A Time

I made this chair back in 1973 (yeah, I had more hair then, well, actually, it just relocated). I sold and delivered it to a guy in LA who kept promising to pay me for it, for the next 35 years! He passed away a few years back, and I have no idea what happened to the chair. If anyone has seen her, I’d be curious to know her story. The image is wavy looking because it is a photo of a large poster under glass that my nephew uses to cover his electrical breaker box and entertain his kids with games of “pin the mustache on Gruncle Doug.”

The Chairwoman and me

The body of the chair was Ash. The hands and head were ceramic stoneware. Shortly after I finished the chair, I had it sitting in front of a sliding glass door in the room across the hall from my bedroom. During the night, I woke from a dream I was having about the chair coming to life. There on my bedroom door, the moon had cast a perfect silhouette of her head. A Twilight Zone moment for sure.

The Chairwoman