This is the second of two photo compositions I submitted for the Studio 360 Photo Remix Listener Challenge. You were supposed to incorporate one or more of the ten images they provided into a scene of your own. Here I used their pathway through the park, the crow, the marble head, the reaching hand, the derby hat from the man’s portrait, and some of their clouds (for the fog). I added some layers of my own cloud shots and my headless self running down the path.

……but I left without my……..Well, it wasn’t really mine to begin with.

Yes, now I remember

This is the first of two photo compositions I submitted for the Studio 360 Photo Remix Listener Challenge. You were supposed to incorporate one or more of the ten images they provided into a scene of your own. Here I used the man’s portrait, the lady in the white dress, and the guitar. With a little :-) editing and manipulation, I placed them into one of my “puddle” shots, along with myself sitting on a blanket holding a guitar method book that belonged to my grandmother. I replaced the woman’s left hand with Katie’s–holding the guitar, then placed a harmonica in her right. I used the oil paint filter in Photoshop to give the greenery an even more otherworldly dimension. Phun with Photoshop!

….I used to  know that one.


Liberating Constraints

This is a photo of the Seattle installation of “The Fin Project : From Swords to Plowshares” located in Magnuson Park. These are retired submarine fins, and the sculpture is intended to be a monument to “World Peace and Recycling.” Here I am recycling the sculpture and global peace idea with an “act locally” message.

Celestial Wind

I had the idea for this photograph almost a year ago, but at the time it was too cloudy. I finally got back to my Uncle’s ranch in the Sierra foothills of California for an all too brief visit a couple of weeks ago, and the sky was clear! Most of the Big Dipper was below the horizon, so it took me a while to locate the North Star–especially since I was searching the wrong part of the sky to begin with :-) Seeing my initial results, I thought I had some nice shots, but not what I was going for. Next time I would need to spend a lot more time taking many more exposures to get the star trails I wanted. Then yesterday I discovered this little free program called StarStax. It proved to be the answer to my original vision. Most people go for continuous star trails, but I think the broken trails here work nicely with the blades of the windmill.

Notice the UFO (actually, an airplane) that tracked from the lower left up through the middle of the windmill. Also the one coming up from the same area and turning upward. That one is probably a plane as well, but I didn’t notice it while I was shooting…..Hmmm.

Lucky Mud

Well, I got a bit off track on the posts, bogged down in the mud, so to speak. I took a trip to California and then spent a lot of time figuring out the how and why of Pinterest (more about that later). Besides, I seem to move slower in cold weather. The above are words from a song I wrote for my mother’s memorial service a few years back.

I made a greeting card out of this with a slightly different angle on the sentiment. Click the image.