Five Eagles – One Crow

There were five eagles soaring around over my house yesterday……and one crow harassing them. Eventually, the eagles moved on. It’s amazing what a little courage and determination can do. I couldn’t get all the eagles and the crow in one shot, but I got two of them.

Rightfully So

On considering both sides of the issue –This is a photo and poem I put together a few years back for a greeting card, it is now available as a poster by clicking on the image.

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The Winter Guest

Once again, you can get to a greeting card version of this by clicking the photo. Please share this and anything else you like on my site, and or leave a comment – love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!


Christmas Ornament Memories

I used a shot of my sister Virginia’s Christmas tree from a couple of years ago for this one.   The greeting card version is available at my Zazzle store, just click the photo.