Save The Bees!

As a contribution toward the survival of our pollinating bees, I’ve created a line of “bee wear” and wares on my Zazzle site. My hope is to raise awareness of the dwindling bee population and provide concerned organizations and individuals some attractive “Save The Bees” products (T-shirts, bags, calendars, etc.) to offer on their own websites, and through the Zazzle affiliate program, generate income to support their bee-related activities.

The above is a slide show of the images in my Save The Bees 2014 calendar at low resolution. If you want to see the actual calendar in full resolution, click here and use the magnifier.
“Zazzle pays a 15% referral payment plus up to an additional 17% volume bonus for each sale that you refer to Zazzle from your blog, e-mail, or even via offline marketing.”

Bee friendly bumper sticker

It’s a honey of a deal—the referring link is not product specific—it doesn’t matter what the visitor eventually buys from Zazzle, the affiliate’s link still earns the commission. Full details can be found here:

If you know any organizations or individuals who might be interested, put a bee in their ear.

If you have any questions, you can contact me through this website. Thanks!