And The Winner Is…….not

Audubon announced the winners of their 2015 Photography Awards today. I did not win, but I now have a finer tuned appreciation of what they are looking for, so,….Next Year!

This is the photo of mine that was chosen as a semi-finalist in the “Fine Art” category–a new category for them this year:

Tapestry _ blog- Most of the the other images I submitted were new creations. This one I composed in 2011.

Here is a link to the Winners

You will have to scroll sideways (or down) to the fourth image to view the “Fine Art” winner. It is a Black & White of silhouetted gulls, cormorants, and terns. Very nice!

Here is a link to the Top 100 . All of them are awesomely spectacular bird photos. None of them come from the “Fine Art” category. It would be nice to see the other semi-finalists in the Fine Art category, but I can’t find a link to them.