Damsel in Distress

The Damselfly is a predator

Eating other insects and such

They have thrived on Earth for 300 million yearsDamsel fly-Said the spider,

“Thank you very much.”Damsel in distress-

Seamstress for the band–apologies to Elton John

Tiny Dancer-2-2

Sew my clothes up tiny dancer.

Make the hemlines high! That’s my way!

Don’t skip town and leave me hangin’.

You’re mad. This is the way you earn your pay.


I don’t know. It just came to me while I was staring mindlessly at Katie’s sewing machine with my aunt Janie’s pincushion doll standing on it.

New/Old……old……..very old……long overdue project

Back in 1970, I decided to restore my grandfather’s 1941 Packard. I took it all apart and put many hours of labor into it,………but, ….then I got distracted by some other project that I don’t remember. Whatever that project was, I’m sure I got distracted from it by another, and another, and so on. The Packard became a storage unit for all manner of things in my folks’ garage. There it has sat for the last forty-five years. My sisters are now joining forces in that house and the Packard had to go.

Packard-I had originally planned to move it myself, but the logistics began to look more complicated and dicey than I had imagined, so I called Speeds Towing. It wasn’t cheap but it was done in a flash and without sweat or injury to myself or others. The driver, Mike, turned out to be a neighbor, a very nice guy, and the bass player for the unusual and world renown band Sneaking Out. You can check them out here at the Portland Music Awards playing the typewriter and other instruments.

Packard-6051119Here is the car, or the largest chunk of it, arriving at its new home in Monroe, WA. It will take me several more trips in my little pickup to get the rest of it up here.

Packard--2I’m not making any guarantees as to how fast the restoration will proceed…..I still have a lot of distractions :-), but, interestingly, there are a lot more resources now than there were in 1970. I hope to get it back to looking more like it does in the photo below.