The Job Interview

One day this last September, Katie and I, and Katie’s daughter and her best beau, spent the day in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone. We saw lots of wildlife, including a couple of grizzlies…….a long way off :-). The best photos I got were of elk–particularly  two that I thought were going to stick their heads in the car window and bite my camera. Their facial expressions inspired this slide show.

The Audition

I’m sure all of you have looked at clouds from both sides by now and often seen in them fluffy animations of bears, poodles, Albert Einstein, etc, etc. When I put this cloud photo together with itself foursquare, all kinds of creatures emerged. It soon became obvious I was seeing two Sandhill Cranes auditioning for a Mother Goose rhyme. Yep.

I found a photo of my sister Virginia that projected the attitude I was looking for.

I persuaded Katie to costume up for for MG’s body.

For the little dog, I found a picture of my childhood pet, Tasha—a very silly, but beloved pooch.

I’m in there too, if you can find me.

I spent a lot of time on this one, but still somehow I really don’t know clouds at all.

Thanks, Joni.The Audition blog-3

Mother Goose detail

Mother Goose detail

Bunny vs Squirrel

I recently witnessed an interesting interaction between a bunny and an Eastern Gray Squirrel. The squirrel acted as if it had never seen a rabbit and didn’t quite know what to make of it. Eventually, the squirrel determined the rabbit was probably not a predator, but it was certainly competition. The two took turns spooking each other off my patio until the squirrel got very aggressive and the rabbit did an amazing bit of aerobatics (which I caught on camera) to make its escape. While the rabbit waited in the bushes, a Douglas Squirrel came across the lawn to the same bush. The rabbit had its eye on the Gray Squirrel, so  the Douglas Squirrel’s arrival was a surprise. The rabbit leaped out of the bush in such an animated fashion that it scared the Gray Squirrel off as well. Unfortunately, I did not get a video of all this, but I put together a slide show of the photos I took through my kitchen window.

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