What I Otter

SAC refuge Otter2358-2358

I laugh, I cry, I pull my hair

But I mustn’t forget to come up for air

The benefits of being aware

Are less in showing that I care

Than knowing the difference between scare and….


One will lead me to despair

The other over mountains where

The other side will of course be there

And I will laugh, I’ll cry, I’ll pull my hair

If I don’t forget to come up for air.

“Shadow is the obstruction of light” Leonardo da Vinci

Great Egret Noir         Over a brambled path

 We step and pose

         Our great regrets

                Our shadow knows.

A shadow can be a ponderous friend

          When on our back until the end

Choosing what my thoughts beget

                Behind me strides a Great Egret

No Age Limit On Optimism

Ever-smiling, rust and vine

My face a chronicle of passing time

Still, flights of fancy grace my mind

Here I am, I know not why

And though “weeds” obstruct my view of sky

I’m looking forward to some pie!

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’42 Fords – Out To Pasture

“In the evening by the moonlight
You can hear those banjos strummin'”
In the evening by the moonlight
You can hear those old Fords hummin’

On a recent California trip, my sister Virginia and I came accross these old Fords “relaxing” on the hillside.

Retirement in the California hills
No more lube jobs, no more bills
No congestion, but fewer thrills
Yes, when the rubber leaves the roads
There’s no more hauling heavy loads
Or accidental skunks and toads
Still you dream in cherry red
Rising pistons—four barrel fed
And a happy pooch pacing your bed
The driving truth keeps sinking in
Sooner or later, tired wins

We Own It.

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What Say The Water Lilies?

I was enjoying the peaceful and productive nature of all the water lilies at Seattle’s Arboretum — got to wondering what they would think of the destructive fear mongering going around today.

OK, it didn’t happen exactly like that. I liked this photo, thought about a while, and finally came up with a sentiment that fits it pretty well, I think.

“Drown not in fears and apprehension
Thrive upon the surface tension”

What Say The Water Lilies?
Drown not in fears and apprehension
Thrive upon the surface tension
by Douglas Hamar