I made this video before the previous one, but because of the critical nature of getting my Presidential campaign off the ground before the actual election, and not wanting to distract potential voters from my candidacy, I delayed its publication. As you will see, the video explores what is arguably a more productive endeavor than my running for President.

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Navel Maneuvers video

Vote For Me!

News Flash! — Crazy person running for President!…..Oh, wait, I guess that isn’t exactly ground breaking news, is it?

Presidential Bid (Vote for Me!) video

When I first ran for President back in 1988, I received one $5 campaign contribution, two letters of support, and managed to confirm the suspicions of my family and friends that I was indeed nuts. I was only half serious.  I did win first prize ($25) at a stand-up comedy open mike. As I recall, there were only two other entrants. Anyway, it being election season, I thought a song I wrote from that period would be good material for my first major experiment with Adobe Premiere and making music videos. Hope you like it! If so, “like” it and share it around! Thanks!

Losing Teeth

But, I’m not losing any sleep over it. This - Do Your Sing Song – was my entry in a Martin Guitar contest meant to extol the virtues of Martin “Life Span” strings…… Well, you just had to use the words “life span” somewhere in the song. I was only ten or twelve thousand votes shy of winning. It was a popularity contest, and the 28 Facebook friends I had at the time just couldn’t put me over the top. Actually, Logan Vath, the fellow who won, was well deserving. He’s a very good singer/songwriter.