Freeze In The Trees 2014

Superbowl schmooperbowl! The really big sporting event of the season arrived on a beautiful sunny day last weekend—I am, of course, referring to the Lake Stevens Freeze In The Trees Disc Golf Tournament. It was a rare opportunity for me to photograph this great course—and those up to the challenge of its unusual baskets—under fantastic lighting. I think photographer rather than participant proved a wise choice since the always intrepid Mr Young (of Midori Teriyaki fame) posted a 9 under in the “Grand Master” division, a score I would have been very unlikely to have matched. It was great to see Brian Anderson, who graciously and very generously arranges the tournaments at the Lake Stevens course, post the tournament winning score of 14 under. It was a full and fun tournament, raising $750 for the local food bank.

Hole # 16

Hole # 7

Hole # 10

If you would like to see a slideshow of this event go here Freeze In The Trees 2014

Fishing At Lake Stevens

Fishing at the Lake Stevens Disc Golf Course is rarely pleasant, but frequently necessary. At least for this expedition, it was a lovely sunny afternoon.
As usual, the disc bounced off a tree and into the water. In the first photo, Oz almost has it, but moments later it completely disappears into the bog. The same has happened to me on a couple of occasions. Just another fish story of “the one that got away.”

Oz Fishing at Lake Stevens

It’s gone.

Griffin Hill Equinox Disc golf Invitational

I finally made it to the GHEDI! No snow this time — and I found the driveway. It was great fun! I took the first place trophy with a -9 for 18. I’m sure the key to my success was the Bloody Marys,……..the fact that I was the only one not drinking them :-) A very nice trophy it is (made by Tim “Acehole” Settara).

GHEDI First Place Trophy

The perfect weather and pleasant company made for great tournament. My thanks to Count Enrico Alfredo Ferrari for putting it on.

The Count Taking Aim

“Devil Mon” and “Stranger” from the woods

Where is my accountant?

I went up to Lake Stevens yesterday afternoon, hoping there would be a pick-up random doubles going on, but there wasn’t. I hooked up with B.A., Steve R., Cajun and OZ for a round. Let me see if I got this straight. After the first ten holes, winner gets $1 from each loser unless there is a tie, in which case it’s a “push” — nobody pays (and it was). Oz won the bridge game (basically, shuffleboard with discs on the bridge between holes 10 and 11) for another $1 payout.  Holes 15,16 and 17 are the trifecta holes — everyone pays $1 to the CTP (closest to pin) unless the same person gets all three. In that case everyone pays $2 additional for a total of $5. B.A. got the first, I got the second, and Oz got the third. Oz won the back nine, and BA won the CTP on the bonus hole – another $1. I ended up $1 ahead for the evening, I think, but only because Cajun owed me $1 from a bridge game some months ago that I had totally forgotten about, but he hadn’t. A bit confusing, but all in all, a pleasant evening of disc golf.

Doubling Down

Well, the $300 ace pot at the Loutsis Park random doubles in Carnation, WA, was taken yesterday afternoon by a young fellow named Chris, I believe. It was only his second ace ever…….his first was the day before at the Lake Fenwick doubles…….also for $300. Sheesh, hardly seems fair. Congratulations to him! I hope he can keep up the pace.

Basket Weaving

My homemade disc golf basket using a whiskey barrel liner, a bicycle rim and PVC pipe.

Homemade Disc Golf Basket

I made this a few years ago and it is still going strong, but you can buy one now for about what I spent on materials and save yourself the effort. This one does have one nice feature — you can adjust it to vertical on a slope.