Old Friend In The Garden

Here’s my latest greeting card with its accompanying poem. As with all my cards at Zazzle, it is fully customizable. If you like the photo, but the poem doesn’t suit your purpose, or if you like the sentiment, but would like to pair it with your own photo, have at it.

Old Bench In The Garden

Meet me out in the garden where
We laughed and drank the flowered air
Bring along your favorite wine
We’ll drink to the journey of our time
Congratulate ourselves and cheer
Is it not amazing, we’re still here?!

"Old" friends - let's get together card
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Too Late

Back in 1971, my neighbor and best friend, Paul, and I road our bicycles from Portland to Yosemite via the coast. We stopped in at the Sea Lion Caves and picked up bumper stickers to let fellow travelers know where we had been, but we didn’t actually take the 200′ elevator down into the caves. I’ve driven by there many times since then and finally decided to take the plunge on my last trip. Too late.

Scrawny Sea Lion

Just kidding, but you don’t get very close to the living sea lions, and it is pretty dark for photos – still, it’s interesting.

Sea Lion Caves