What I Otter

SAC refuge Otter2358-2358

I laugh, I cry, I pull my hair

But I mustn’t forget to come up for air

The benefits of being aware

Are less in showing that I care

Than knowing the difference between scare and….


One will lead me to despair

The other over mountains where

The other side will of course be there

And I will laugh, I’ll cry, I’ll pull my hair

If I don’t forget to come up for air.

Afternoon Feather Report

Fall colors cheer on the swans

Swans in Skykomish Valley

Rising mist lifts my spirits beyond

Daly South 0109-

The shorter days that may make me scowl

Daly South High Rock

I shall remain unflappable while the weather is fowl

Geese clouds 0037-2